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See Me - A book more than romance

One more book that I felt should have never ended. Nicholas Sparks is a genius at writing about emotions and all of his books that I have read left me with no doubt about that. What amazed me about See Me however, was how he weaved thriller and suspense into a love story, making it a compulsive page-[…]

How to create believable characters?

Do you have various voices in your head, constantly talking to you or to each other? Do they have a life of their own, going through their ups and downs, having their mood swings and illogical arguments that are beyond your understanding? Do they have their own mind? If the answer to all these[…]

The Chocolate Promise

Statutory Warning: Be prepared to shed that extra fat that you will intake (chocolate) while reading this book, given that we do not have a Christmas Livingstone whose chocolates are guilt-free and medicinal. Just the way that Moon has described chocolate, my intake went up by at least twice – I ne[…]

Write an amazing preface

A preface is your best advertisement after your book cover. This is the first thing a reader would read before deciding to buy a book or not. If you succeed in writing an amazing, eye-grabbing preface, your reader would be intrigued to know more about the book and will be compelled to buy it. That’[…]

Steps to Self-Publishing

Many first time authors are opting for self-publishing these days, given its easy approach and quick process. While traditional publishers take 6 months, only to respond to your query, with self-publishing you have a book ready to go, in six months. But very few first time authors are aware of the en[…]