For the heartbroken

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Just finished reading Cathy Kelly’s ‘Lessons in Heartbreak.’ Lovely book, very well expressed and brilliantly written.

Lessons in Heartbreak explores the side of a women and how she deals with betrayal and heartbreak at various levels, at various ages and with various relationships. With the help of three main characters: Izzie, Anneliese and Lily, Kelly goes deep into each of the woman’s minds and how they deal with setbacks in their own way, confined to the society and the age they live in.

Lily Kennedy, a nurse during the World War II refuses to be with the man she loves the most because she does not want to betray her God or her society. She knows that her parents and her will be excommunicated from the society if she married a divorced man, and she cannot take that risk or betray her faith in Catholicism.

On the other hand, Anneliese realises her mistakes in the marriage and why her husband felt the need to be with another woman, even if that woman is Anneliese’s best friend. She knows that more than anyone else, it was her fault that her marriage failed even after 30 years of being with each other.

Izzie Silver, Anneliese’s niece and Lily’s granddaughter leaves the small town of Tamarin, Ireland to lead a successful career life in New York. Life goes on well until she breaks her own rule and falls for a married man.

The character of Jodi, though not very big, plays an important part in holding the narrative together and bringing the women closer to each other in the time of need.

The lessons that each women learns bring joy and heartbreak, with the hardest lesson of all being the art to let go; to know that despite betrayal there is more that one can look forward to.

A great book for anyone who is looking for a mature, different point of view to heartbreak and betrayal.

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