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See MeOne more book that I felt should have never ended. Nicholas Sparks is a genius at writing about emotions and all of his books that I have read left me with no doubt about that. What amazed me about See Me however, was how he weaved thriller and suspense into a love story, making it a compulsive page-turner – I was compelled to complete the book in 3 days straight, which might not make my boss very happy.

Though See Me is essentially a love story between two people who are poles apart and would never have imagined their lives with each other, it is also about testing times in a relationship and how what matters at the end of it is your instincts, more than what the world would think or believe about your relationship.

Colin Hancock is a troubled child and adult who has learnt to keep a check on his violent behaviour, the hard way. Out on probation, Colin needs to ensure he stays clear of trouble and anything that could attract him to his violent past; channelise his energies exercising and practicing MMA. A serious relationship does not even appear on his to-do list.

Maria Sanchez, on the other hand, is built from the most used mold – a caring daughter, a perfect elder sister, and a great lawyer in the making, but when her path crosses that of Colin, on a rain swept, she is compelled to question all the beliefs and notions she has grown up learning.

But before the couple gets to know each other or their relationship, a disturbing past from Maria’s life completely shakes them, leaving them at breaking point and testing their bond by the hour.

If you are expecting a typical Nicholas Sparks, this might not be it, but if you are open to a new Sparks, nothing should stop you taking up this journey.

Most would label Colin as a bad boy, but I absolutely loved him and the way his character developed, though I would have been as terrified as Maria was, meeting him in a situation like that, or knowing about his violent past. But like the title suggests, See Me like I see you, is all about accepting people as they are and looking at making a better future, rather than delving into their past.

All the characters are perfectly carved and I loved their relationships, and the descriptive writing style, giving the reader a very different experience.

All-in-all, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading about how love and relationships function in real-life, rather than the rosy picture that most romance novels paint these days.


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